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"My lifeMy life has always been for me an experiential research project, dedicated to discovering particularly important contradictions…"

A. M. Steinschneider (1894 - 1944)
Lawyer, emigrant, victim of the NS terror


The Adolf Moritz Steinschneider Archive (AMSTA) opens with these pages a forum in which research results, information, texts and letters will eventually be published. AMSTA in particular seeks to establish contact with French and Swiss exile researchers and institutions .

AMSTA was founded in Frankfurt-on-Main in 1999 to encourage exploration of the life and massive literary legacy of Adolf Moritz Steinschneider. We anticipate the eventual publication of the letters from exile, as well as Steinschneider's texts on politics and social philosophy. The focus of the research is Steinschneider's legal and political activity in Germany until his flight in 1933, as well as the periods of his Swiss and French exiles.


[Translated from the German by David M. Fishlow, Washington DC, USA, a distant relative of Steinschneider's mother Léopoldine, née Fischlowitz.]